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Spectra Tactical Australia – Email Contact

Firstly we hope you are all enjoying this time of year. It’s a special time for people all around the world and a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends. The impending holidays are so close now and we’re sure everyone is looking forward to a few days off.

Thank-you to all our loyal customers from all over the world. We wanted to create a company which deals honestly and is backed by real experience not run by sales focused people. But it’s really you, our valued customers that have made us successful.

Keeping things lean and small means we can deliver product to you with sharper prices whilst still being the best with customer service and after sales support. Our team worldwide are always available to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Even when you think we might not be available, someone is probably online and can help.

Now we don’t shy away from our mistakes, and one of the key mistakes we made is going with a cut price email host. This has caused no end of headaches with server outages, some poor chaps getting the same email 100 times from us, and being anti-spam blocked due to the immoral and TOTALLY unrelated companies hosted on the same server IP address.

So over the last day or so we have migrated our email across into Microsoft’s managed email solution and our email woes should be over…. But… in the process of migration, we have murdered the domain and we are currently resurrecting it. So in the meantime, if you need to contact us here at Spectra Tactical, drop the “.au” off the end of the email and you should get through to us via our dot com address.

In short, instead of using… use Or just give us a bell!

All the best for the rest of the year. Enjoy the holidays. Stay safe and as always happy shooting.

Spectra Tactical


Here’s Ozzie Reviews review of our NV008 IR Night vision Scope.

Want the Ozzie Review deal? Inbox us on or email us at



12mm (1.1x lens) is back in stock. Back orders will be cleared by Monday for those patiently waiting. Thank-you!

Panasonic 18650 cells also in stock and ready to rock. We will be getting the Nitecore D4 chargers in shortly as well if a digital display is the way you like to roll. Plenty of i4 chargers in stock as well.

Low Stock

Hi Everyone!
We are currently low on stock across our Victoria, Australia and Iowa, USA locations. New stock is estimated to be in 3-4 weeks time as our containers have only just departed.

As soon as we have a firm ETA we will update you here.

Spectra Tactical and PARD

Spectra Tactical Pty Ltd and PARD have been working together since the launch of the highly successful ST-760 aka: NV007 unit. As the largest importer of the unit here in Australia we offer the NV007 as a fully landed, local stock, and with local warranty support under our own name ST-760.

With the expansion of our USA based sales it’s time to simplify things and as such the ST-760 name will begin to be depreciated… but in name only! Spectra Tactical will continue to provide the same local sales, local support, local stock, and local warranty as before.

In the very near future we will be launching the PARD NV008 unit which is an all-in-one digital scope which mounts via a picatinny rail on your rifle. For those who want a dedicated system that is light and compact with a water resistant solution this is the optic you have been waiting for.

PARD NV007 (ST-760) are in stock on eBay here:

As always, contact us directly for a better price as we pass on at least all the savings from eBay fees and Paypal fees.

Finally keep an eye on as we will be integrating that into our site very shortly.

…and we’re back in stock!

The ST-760 Add-On night vision device is back in stock.

ebay link:

As always, deal direct with us for a sharper price. Instant $100 bucks off which we don’t have to pay to ebay + paypal.

Contact us via facebook: or join our group: or via phone/email:

January 1 – 2019


From all of us at Spectra Tactical, all the very best for the coming year and lots of luck out hunting.

Quick update on stock. We are sold out of ST-760 Add-On Night Vision units in Australia. New stock awaiting clearance through customs, ETA is 3rd Week of January. Further updates on this front as they come in.

You might note the price on the eBay Australia listing is ridiculous. Don’t worry too much of that, the old price is still good. Just “pausing” the sale until new stock comes in.

USA still has a few units left in stock in Iowa City, IA and Cedar Rapids, IA. DM/Message us on our Facebook Page any day, any time and we should be able to help you out. Spectra Tactical on Facebook.

Don’t forget we host a Facebook group as well. It’s a growing community of hunters and the discussion is anything hunting related… well hunting related AND legal! You can check it out here (Night Vision Hunting) if you like.

Don’t forget to stay safe and enjoy the New Year.

-=Spectra Tactical=-

Torches Are Here!

Torches are here in time for Christmas! That is all. Check it out here: ST-1508 Illuminator Torch

Almost Christmas Update

We’ve been busy the last few weeks sorting out some exciting new things.

Our first shipment of torches is due start of December and we will let you know as soon as they are available.

D-Lead hand wash soap, to combat lead exposure is now ready for sale. Check out our page about Lead Exposure and the D-Lead hand wash

Right now we have our next shipment of ST-760 units due mid-December. We have a few units left in stock in the USA. Australia stock is ostensibly sold out at present, but we might have two units which were “on-hold” become available. Best contact us directly to check if we have stock.

Panasonic 18650s and Nitecore i4 shipments have arrived, so we are fully stocked on that front.

Stay tuned for further updates and stay safe during the silly season!

Exciting Updates from Spectra Tactical

Hi Everyone,

The weekend is coming quickly and no doubt all of you will be chomping at the bit to get out there and bust some bunnies, knock over some hogs, or smash some foxes. Stock has landed in Iowa, USA and in Melbourne, Australia – as always, we’ve tested every unit, upgraded the firmware, and they are ready to rock and roll. Ebay item is relisted with the new stock Buy on Ebay and of course you can arrange to buy direct with us via phone, email, or in person. Because there are no Ebay fees and Paypal fees if you go direct with us, we’ll take the normal fees off the price direct to you.

We are in the final stages of arranging a deal to sell Nitecore chargers and Panasonic 18650 cells. The cells have exceptional performance and the chargers are intelligent microprocessor controlled that can be run off AC supply or 12v DC from your car. Don’t forget to vote to let us know which charger (the i2, i4, or i8) you want us to focus on getting the best possible deal on.

Click here to vote

Finally the last piece of news is we will be doing IR torches soon. We will hit that hard next after we sort out the battery and charger deal!

Happy Hunting everyone! Be safe.